I watched this:


and I read this: The Preschool Inside a Nursing Home

and I thought: We need to do this in South Africa right now!

Imagine the potential of combining kindergarten and old age homes in SA?

Saves on staffing if you have caregivers who can look after kids and grandparents.  The grandparents have so much wisdom and knowledge and love to offer the kids. Add technology to the mix and we have a real game changer!

Life-long learning centres

A place to start might be with life-long learning centres in areas that have the least developed facilities. A centre where people can come to get some food, get some medicine, but also just spend time together learning and playing with technology.

What needs to be done to get such a project started?

Who has the knowledge and resources to get a project like this going? Or perhaps update existing projects with technology instead of getting resources for a completely new one?

So much potential for new growth and development in SA, it really is interesting times.

Overview of my INTMAEU ePortfolio

I recently uploaded the ePortfolio I created as part of the Diploma in Tertiary Education (PDTE) to This is an incredible project started by Dr Christa van Staden, the lecturer tho designed the Instructional Techniques and Multimedia Module INTMAEU of the PDTE. Continue reading “Overview of my INTMAEU ePortfolio”

Instructional Media and the Digital Divide

Divide.pngI taught briefly at a language school in Cambodia, which made me reflect on my use of instructional media and technology in the classroom. I was conducting a class in which the textbook reading was about relationships between people and animals. The night before, I happened to stumble on the most amazing relationship between humans and animals: the African hero rat which clears land mines and can detect tuberculosis. You can find out more about these incredible animals here. I was so excited about showing my students this incredible animal. Then, I realised I had no way of doing that since the classes had no SmartBoards, no computers, no screens. In previous teaching positions, I used SmartBoards and all of my students had a smart phone or tablet, so I could really bring technology into the classroom. In Cambodia, however, the scope for technology is so limited. Continue reading “Instructional Media and the Digital Divide”

Internet Access is a Human Right

No Wifi.pngI have had no Internet for over a week due to issues with Telkom. I have had to use my mobile, which is expensive. This led me to consider how, in our country, access to information should be a fundamental right, like access to water. Finland has already taken that step and we should all seek to emulate their decision. Continue reading “Internet Access is a Human Right”