The Maori word for learning, ako, does not “differentiate between those who dispense knowledge and those who acquire it. Knowledge is always a collective entity”[1]. Why do we not have a word just like this? Education is a reciprocal process in which the teacher and student embark on a quest together to find out something new about themselves, each other, the subject matter, the journey itself… Continue reading “Ako”

Overview of my INTMAEU ePortfolio

I recently uploaded the ePortfolio I created as part of the Diploma in Tertiary Education (PDTE) to arendsig-akademie.net. This is an incredible project started by Dr Christa van Staden, the lecturer tho designed the Instructional Techniques and Multimedia Module INTMAEU of the PDTE. Continue reading “Overview of my INTMAEU ePortfolio”

Study Buddies

I recently wrote the final exam for my Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, a journey that took two years across three countries (Oman, Cambodia, and South Africa).

It is with heavy sigh of relief that I would like to thank the pets that have supported me throughout my studies.

I’m going to start with Deya, who first began assisting me when I was writing my MA about Olive Schreiner (also pictur many years ago. Here she is in 2010.Deya 06 Continue reading “Study Buddies”

Technologically Illiterate is Functionally Illiterate


It really concerns (terrifies) me that particularly in a module about Instructional Techniques and Media, my fellow students (teachers themselves) are not only technologically illiterate, but resistant to technology. There have been endless complaints about the use of technology in the modules we are completing as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (PDTE) at the University of South Africa (Unisa). I cannot understand how anyone could possibly prefer an old textbook and an outdated study guide, when there are so many more options available out there. Technology has transformed the education industry.

It is not a luxury to use technology in education; it is a necessity. Continue reading “Technologically Illiterate is Functionally Illiterate”

Collaborative Discussions

discussionsOver the last year, I have been participating in online discussions as part of the Instructional Techniques and Media (INTMEAU) module of the Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (PDTE) I am in the process of completing. The discussions assignment has not been successful for a number of reasons. I would like to offer some tentative suggestions about how the discussions could be facilitated, which would result in the discussions being an effective way for students to share their knowledge and experience with each other. I will discuss a few key issues: expectations about how to conduct the discussions, technical difficulties and technologically illiterate students, the facilitation of discussions, and the nature of the discussion questions. Continue reading “Collaborative Discussions”