I watched this:


and I read this: The Preschool Inside a Nursing Home

and I thought: We need to do this in South Africa right now!

Imagine the potential of combining kindergarten and old age homes in SA?

Saves on staffing if you have caregivers who can look after kids and grandparents.  The grandparents have so much wisdom and knowledge and love to offer the kids. Add technology to the mix and we have a real game changer!

Life-long learning centres

A place to start might be with life-long learning centres in areas that have the least developed facilities. A centre where people can come to get some food, get some medicine, but also just spend time together learning and playing with technology.

What needs to be done to get such a project started?

Who has the knowledge and resources to get a project like this going? Or perhaps update existing projects with technology instead of getting resources for a completely new one?

So much potential for new growth and development in SA, it really is interesting times.


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