Overview of my INTMAEU ePortfolio

I recently uploaded the ePortfolio I created as part of the Diploma in Tertiary Education (PDTE) to arendsig-akademie.net. This is an incredible project started by Dr Christa van Staden, the lecturer tho designed the Instructional Techniques and Multimedia Module INTMAEU of the PDTE.

As part of this upload, I created a video to provide an overview of my ePortfolio. As I reflected on my learning journey, I realised that the practical skills developed during the module intersect seamlessly with the knowledge gained to create a solid foundation which enhances my daily teaching practice.

The development of instructional techniques and strategies are essential to ensure that an effective and efficient learning environment is fostered.  The use of technology greatly enhances the teaching and learning process. This ePortfolio is a platform from which I demonstrated my learning journey as I investigated the relationship between technology, instructional techniques, and teaching.

The learning process allowed for a great deal of creativity. I created continuity between the different pages of the collection by employing similar styles and colours throughout. I designed a logo for each assignment using Microsoft PowerPoint, which I placed in the header to make each page easily distinguishable. Mind maps are one of my most often used techniques when planning, and I used Coggle to design neat versions of my handwritten mind maps. After the assignment, I included a word cloud, which I created with Wordle. As well as serving an aesthetic function, these word clouds are a graphic representation of the most commonly used words and ideas in each assignment. I included extra artefacts including presentations, worksheets, videos, student work, and other paraphernalia to illustrate the practical aspects of the assignments.

During the project, I designed all the pictures and diagrammes with Microsoft PowerPoint. I made the presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint, sourcing the images from a variety of online sites. I made all the videos with Microsoft PowerPoint, QuickTime, and Adobe Premier. Due to the efforts I have put into my ePortfolio, I can truly showcase my ability to design my own worksheets and material, and to employ a wide variety of instructional techniques, learning theories, and media.

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