Study Buddies

I recently wrote the final exam for my Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, a journey that took two years across three countries (Oman, Cambodia, and South Africa).

It is with heavy sigh of relief that I would like to thank the pets that have supported me throughout my studies.

I’m going to start with Deya, who first began assisting me when I was writing my MA about Olive Schreiner (also pictur many years ago. Here she is in 2010.Deya 06

Deya continued to support me as I journeyed through my latest qualification.
At first, she purrs contentedly on my lap, but it just a ruse to lull me into a false sense of security. Deya 01

She soon makes her move to my textbook.Deya 02

She slowly and methodically cleans herselfDeya 03

before settling into her cat loaf.Deya 04

Eventually, I distract her with a box so I can continue studying in peace.Deya 05

At times, it was less easy to ensure her comfort and my ability to study.Deya 07

Next, I must give Sakina her due. She takes her role as study buddy very seriously. Here she is helping me choose the correct pen.Sakina 01

After all that hard work, she curls upSakina 02

secure between a wall of books.Sakina 03

Lastly, we have Themba. He usually sits innocuously under the deskThemba 01

or next to the bookshelf.Themba 02

Unless, of course, a more comfy spot can be found. Here he is lying on top of my notes, making sure I don’t forget this important mind map.Themba 03

I couldn’t have got this far without the love and support of not only these wonderful pets, but also my husband, his mom, and my parents. I’m sure you guys are as relieved as I am to be done with this qualification!

 How have your pets helped you?


2 thoughts on “Study Buddies

  1. Wow, what a wonderful journey with all your Study Buddies.
    I am really proud of you Vicki, bit by bit, always on the move, from city to city and country, to country, never giving up.
    Determination, endurance and your love to ever move forward.
    Exploring and researching for hours, days and months that then turned into years! Well done.
    Great blog…

    Liked by 1 person

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