Technologies That Support Distance Education

Five Slides, Five Minutes… 

I made all images and this video using Microsoft PowerPoint

The latest challenge from the Instructional Techniques and Multimedia in Adult Education module of my Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education course, involves sharing a presentation about technology that supports distance education. The idea behind the project is to prepare a presentation about distance education within a time frame of five minutes using only five slides.

Technology and education are inextricably linked, and the relationship is complex and multilayered. The education process is enhanced on multiple levels by the use of technology from the creation of material, to the delivery of lessons, to the facilitation of communication between lecturer and students. I explore three broad categories of technology that support distance education: audio-based, video-based, and computer-based technologies. I invite participants to consider how technology enables and enhances education by reflecting on their own experience of using technology while teaching or learning.

The presentation I created allowed me to use varied skills together to research and present information. These skills will prove practical for me in the future as I continue to turn my presentations into videos. I designed all the images in the presentation from scratch using PowerPoint, and produced the final video from the original PowerPoint presentation. I prefer to take or create the pictures I need wherever possible because of copyright concerns. It also allows me a creative outlet in my teaching practice.

Technology has the power to revolutionise education. However, it is a problem that not all people have equal access to these life-changing technologies. The growing digital divide is a pressing concern, as is the issue of accessing information. I feel like we are on the cusp of a new way of teaching entirely. There are many issues to consider, and this assignment enabled me to reflect on the inextricable link between technology and education.

Newby, T.J., Stephic, D.A., Lehman, J.D., Russell, J.D. and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, A., (2011). Educational technology for teaching and learning. Boston: Pearson. Fourth Edition.


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