Let’s Make a Bucket List

Bucket.pngLesson Outline

In the last few years, while I have been working as an English Second Language instructor, I have had the opportunity to develop my own lesson material and assessment procedures. I decided to adapt an existing lesson, and make it available as an e-class. The lesson is about idioms, specifically writing a bucket list.

Writing a bucket list is a great way to think about your goals and dreams for the future. In this e-class, aimed at upper intermediate and advanced second language speakers, you will learn about the idea of a bucket list, complete a video comprehension based on The Bucket List, answer a few reflective questions about what you might want to do someday, and write your own bucket list.

You will find the necessary material to complete this lesson below. Watch the video “Let’s Make a Bucket List” and I will guide you through this e-class.

Let’s Make a Bucket List Video

The Bucket List Trailer

The Bucket List Trailer Questions

The Bucket List Trailer Answers

The Someday List

Make a Bucket List

Student Responses

INTMAEU 02 Student Responses 01

INTMAEU 02 Student Responses 02

INTMAEU 02 Student Responses 03 INTMAEU 02 Student Responses 04

Please share some of your bucket list wishes, goals, and dreams in the comments 🙂

Check out the assignment and reflection I wrote about this lesson.


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