Technology: A Blessing or a Curse?

Blessing or curse.png

The hard drive with all the lesson material I have ever developed broke, and the backup hard drive got wiped (long story), and I have no paper back up.

Today, I don’t know how I feel about technology in the classroom :/
Please learn from me, and have multiple back ups.
Although, don’t be like my mother’s fellow PhD student who buried a flash drive with a backup of his thesis in the garden…

Well, this led to me to consider the role of technology in the classroom.
Sometimes, technology can distract from the true purpose of a lesson.
It’s not just the medium, the message. Although, vice versa is true too.
It’s no good having brilliant technological resources that are just polishing glass to look like diamond. We need to ensure that our objective and purposes are enhanced by technology.

The question is, what practical methods can aid us in finding this balance?



One thought on “Technology: A Blessing or a Curse?

  1. Your latest additions to Kindle Flames are out of this world!
    I love all your adventures in Busan, you have shared.
    What an amazing opportunity to enrich your life, and then share with the world
    We can all learn so much from all your experiences!
    I will be follow your foot prints
    Well done!


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